SHC Breeders

Name Location Species Bred
Bourne Valley Hamsters Andover Primarily Syrians
Doric Hamstery Fareham Chinese, Roborovski and Syrians
Duncton Hamstery Birmingham All species
Lilliput Hamsters Warwickshire Syrian, Winter Whites, Chinese and Roborovskis
Metallica Hamstery West Wiltshire Chinese
Nobody’s Hams Coventry Winter White, Campbells and Roborovskis
Towy Vale Hamstery West Wales Syrians
Tristar Bath and London Syrian, Campbells and Winter White
Tuftyfluff Hamsters Borehamwood Syrian, Campbells and Winter White
Vectis Hamstery Hampshire Syrians and Chinese

This is just a selection of some of the breeders we have in our club. For up to date information on breeders of hamsters in your area, please contact our club secretary.

If you are a Southern Hamster Club member (Full or Associate) and you would like to be added to this links list, please contact our webmaster.