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Judging the pet class


So you've read our article on preparing for the pet class, and now you're ready to enter but would like a little more information on how pets are judged? The video below shows one of our qualified judges taking us through how he judges the pet class.

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Warning, this video is quite large and may take some time to download. You may need to install the "Quicktime" plugin to view the video. Click the triangle to start playback.

Most people when judging pets split their scoring into a mark for "tameness" which encompasses how happy the animal is to be woken, then lifted out of bed and handled by a stranger, "condition" which is the feel of the animal, e.g. is it the correct weight for its size, does it have any lumps, bumps, cuts or sniffles. They are then given some form of "extras" mark, which covers having a water supply (either a bottle or a piece of fruit of veg suitable for consumption by hamsters), something to eat (normally a small amount of food or a dog biscuit), something to gnaw (wood chew or dog biscuit) and whether they have safe bedding (not the fluffy cotton wool stuff!) and a suitable substrate and whether they are in an appropriately sized safe, secure carrier.