Entering the Main Show

During the main show your hamster will be judged according to standard set by the National Hamster Council and you will probably find yourself up against hamsters from some of the top hamsteries in the UK. However don’t let that put you off of entering because hamsters are judged anonymously so it really is a case of the best hamster on the day will win!

To enter the Main Show you will need to refer to your show schedule which will either be sent to you or you can find it online. You will also need to know what species your hamster is, their coat type (long or short haired) and their colour. This is because hamsters in the main show will be judged against others of their species, colour and type. If it’s your first show and you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to ask the Show Secretary for advice. It’s his or her job to record all the entries in advance of the show and it’ll be them that you’ll need to send your entry to. The Show Secretary’s details are at the top of every show schedule but it will vary from show to show so make sure you’re contacting the right person.

Once you know what you’d like to enter you’ll need to send your entries off to the Show Secretary by the date given on the Show Schedule. Most will accept entries via email but some may give a telephone number or a postal address as an alternate option. When you contact the show secretary you will need to tell them:

  • The Class Numbers for every hamster you’d like to enter, written on a separate line if entering in writing.
  • What show you’re entering – this is because some show secretaries will be accepting entries for more than one show.
  • Whether you need to hire any show pens.
  • Whether you’re showing under a NHC Prefix or as your own name.

Most Show Secretaries will acknowledge all entries so you can be sure that your entry has been received.

About Show Pens

To maintain anonymity during judging, all hamsters in the Main Show have to be shown in approved show pens and they must only contain approved substrates, food and sources of moisture. No other items will be allowed.

If you do not own any Show Pens then you may hire them from the club at a cost of £1 per pen. You will need to order these in advance when you send your entry to the show secretary so that they can make sure that they arrange for sufficient to be brought to the show.